mokokoma mokhonoana

(This is how you pronounce my name and surname.)

I am a philosopher, a social critic, a satirist, an aphorist, an essayist, a cartoonist, a graphic designer, and an iconoclast. I was born, bred, and is based within the borders of some figment called South Africa.

I study human beings, and after some of my observations, I either write or draw. I share my observations through satirical aphorisms, essays, books, and cartoons, which I use to unseriously explore serious issues.

A comedian strives to make people laugh; sometimes, that leaves them thinking; I strive to make people think; sometimes, that leaves them laughing. On the whole, my work is an attempt to link our beliefs, actions, institutions, ignorance, and arrogance, with human suffering.

I slave to spread liberating messages such as: Life is how you look at it!

And I craft unforgettable phrases for campaigns, organizations, etc.

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