The Power of Two

Ignorance and Arrogance Long T-shirt by mokokoma mokhonoana

I believe that the root cause of most human suffering is our attitudes toward life (which are shaped by whether or not we think for ourselves and, if we do, how deep we think), our ignorance, and our arrogance.

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That’s why my work is generally my humble attempt to minimize the number of sane people who do not think for themselves, and those who were made arrogant by their ignorance, which—unbeknown to them—is nourishing their arrogance, which—in turn—is keeping them ignorant.

life is how you look at it female premium t-shirt mokokoma mokhonoana

My main goal is to make people look at life, some issues, themselves, some people, and/or humanity from a different angle, by simply making them think and/or by telling them things they do not know.

My most favourite designs, sentences, and drawings by yours truly are those that manage to first make people (who are lucky or unlucky enough to come across them) laugh, and to then force them to think.

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Make no mistake, I know that I have the power to reach, through my work, a large number of people by myself. But I also know that, no matter how large that number is, it will definitely be larger if you help!

You can help my work reach more people by:

1) Buying a product that has an artwork of mine on it.
2) Sharing my work via social media.

Obviously, you can do both by buying, say, a t-shirt with my artwork on it, wearing the tee, taking photos of yourself wearing it, and then sharing those photos via social media (please tag @Mokokoma).

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Think of the message of the artwork you will share as your gift to every person who, on their deathday, would have never come across the artwork should you have not bought the product with the artwork on it, and/or should you have not shared the artwork via social media.

The above products and many other products (phone cases, mugsthrow pillows, hoodiesart prints, clocks, tank tops, et cetera.) that have my work printed on them can be bought via my REDBUBBLE store (which makes the buying process quicker by allowing you to pay via Amazon Pay, PayPal, and Apple Pay, in addition to a Credit Card).

Pretty much all my artworks are in one colour, namely, black. Having said that, I almost always make each artwork also available in white :)

NB: That store is for products with my designs and drawings on them, click here for some online retailers that sell my books and essays.